Insurance Claims
Insurance Claims

The Insurance Claims Process

Roofing insurance claims for storm damage are among the most common type that homeowners experience.

Here is a quick peek at what the typical process for roofing insurance claims for storm damage looks like:

  1. Contact Milledge Roofing for a free roof inspection and quote.
  2. If we find damage that exceeds your current deductible, it’s time to file a claim.
  3. Our expert meets with your insurance company’s adjuster.
  4. If coverage applies you receive the first check from your insurance company.
  5. Have our construction team complete the necessary work.
  6. Receive the second check from your carrier if coverage applies.
  7. Make the final payment to Milledge Roofing.
  8. Make sure you tell your family, friends, and neighbors about us!

We are the insurance claim roofing specialists in Bogart GA trusted by our customers to get the compensation they are owed under their homeowner’s policy when they need roof repair or residential roof replacement. For more information about our insurance claim roofing assistance service please contact us today!